Twitter Leaked or TwitLeaks Celebs!

The term “twitter leaked” or TwitLeaks of celebrity photos have been in the news every once in a while. Celebrities who are bored or are looking for a quick spark or some attention in the media just happen to “accidentally” leak some obscene or naked pics of themselves.

What ever the reason may be the fact is nude pictures (preferred leaked) works and it does make headlines in some websites and magazines.People talk about thoseleaked pictures and discuss anatomy. The celebrities love the attention no doubt!

Be it accidental or deliberate here are some TwitLeaks that has taken place in the immediate past ;

Scarlette Johansson TwitLeak

Scarlette claimed that she was actually trying to look at her own butt – hmm, but how do you explain the tit pic Scarlette? Can’t you see your own tits?

Poonam Pandey TwitLeaks – Bollywood Copy Cat

Whatever happens in Hollywood MUST also happen in Bollywood. So it does and a rising starlet copies Johansson’s moves at the exact same posture (minus the panties as it is India). It worked, she made headlines also! well atleast in India.

Then there was #TheFappening

The following is a picture of Madonna from back when there was NO Twitter (did not exist), yet her naked pictures can be found everywhere! Miss those good old days.

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