Sex on Stage

A young couple engaged in sexual intercourse on stage during a live performance by the Norwegian band THE CUMSHOTS at the Quart festival in Kristiansand, Norway earlier today (July 6).

Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, and Leona Johansson, 21, who are said to be members of the activist group Fuck For The Rainforest (web site), were called up on stage by THE CUMSHOTS lead singer, Kristopher Schau, and proceeded to have sex on stage to the crowd’s applause, as the band played on. Local politicians in the religious stronghold of Kristiansand are outraged by the incident, and the police are currently considering an investigation.

Commented Schau: “I’ve always been accused of being politically unconscious, but now I’ve proven that I care”. Asked by a Dagbladet reporter if they were nervous during the sexact, Ellingsen replied, “I had a bit of a stagefright, but it disappeared as soon as I got going.” Added Johansson: “I got turned on by all the people.” The intercourse allegedly continued backstage after the concert was over.

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