Gracyanne Barbosa of Brasil (Born September 20, 1983)

Gracyanne Jacobina Barbosa Vieira is a Brazilian samba dancer and fitness model.

Barbosa moved from her native town Campo Grande to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 16 to attend the law school. However, she faced financial difficulties and started to work as a dancer, soon joining the axé band Tchakabum. She left Tchakabum to the end of 2008 and launched a modeling career.

Barbosa has been foremost known to the Brazilian public as a rainha de bateria for various samba schools at the Rio Carnival and São Paulo Carnival.

Barbosa who had appeared on the cover of the Brazilian Playboy’s February 2007 issue, also posed for the cover of Revista Sexy December 2011 issue.

In 2012, photos of Barbosa squatting were uploaded to social media, followed by a workout video. Barbosa’s ostensible squat weight (around 450 lbs) caused “an uproar on the bodybuilding forums for months”, leading to debates at popular websites such as on the authenticity of the weight plates used by her.

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