VULVA – The real “erotifying” vaginal scent of a desirable woman

The following content has been copied and pasted from the website vulva dash original dot com. Enjoy!

VULVA Original is NOT a perfume, but the captivating intimate scent conserved as odorous substance, made to satisfy your own smelling pleasure. VULVA Original is the natural vaginal scent which is produced by movement and sweating in the female intimate area, the scent that arises for example a couple of hours after having had the last intensive shower.

After uncountable test series with a variety of vaginal aromas of all kinds of women, we’ve decided to conserve the vaginal scent, which most of the test persons experienced to be the most erotic.

Our biggest challenge has been to conserve the chosen intimate scent without changing it too much. After many years of extensive tests and specifically developed procedures of conserving methods, we’ve finally managed to capture the treasured organic vaginal scent in a long lasting way.


The precious organic substance is imbedded in a classy glas-phial, encased in an exclusive packaging. Because of the comfortable dosing feeder, you’re enabled to put tiniest amounts of the arousing fluid on the back of your hand.

Right after a short amount of time the exuding irresistible smell of a seducing vagina intensifies your erotic fantasies and fires your minds eye. Smell and enjoy the intimate scent of a desirable woman. Anytime and anywhere.

VULVA Original – worldwide unique. Also because it’s the only erotic product which doesn’t imitate. VULVA Original is real and suspect to supervision of strict int. terms of references. Health risks are excluded if you handle the product as predetermined.

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